New Eicons

New Eicons

Eicon has added a Feature Pack to its Aviva Mainframe Edition for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95, designed to automate control of network elements and make host connections easier. The Pack includes Aviva Services for Windows NT, allowing users to automate the control of Aviva printer and display sessions, work spaces and client applications, as well as LU/Session Indexing for MS SNA Server, and RFC 1795 support for desktop data linking switching. The Feature Pack retails for $415 for single-user editions.

Eicon is also claiming to have the only truly active multiprotocol WAN adaptor card available in Australia with the release of its EiconCard S51 dual-port WAN access card. The EiconCard S51 is already compliant with Telstra's European ETSI ISDN service, and is an intelligent ISA adaptor offering high speed WAN connectivity through a High Speed Interface port and/or Basic Rate Interface ISDN port at speeds of up to 512Kbit/sec and 128Kbit/sec respectively. The card can carry protocols such as TCP/IP, PPP, SDLC, X.25 and Frame Relay over the leased line or ISDN port. The EiconCard S51 has an approximate retail price of $2,900.

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