NetMeeting Development Kit and ComCom.Com

NetMeeting Development Kit and ComCom.Com

Microsoft has announced the availability of the NetMeeting Software Development Kit for the Windows 95 operating system.

NetMeeting is a multipoint dataconferencing and audioconferencing application. The new SDK will allow third-party developers to create spe-cific applications based on Microsoft's browser-based conferencing technology.

In conjunction with third-party vendors, NetMeeting can provide real-time videoconferencing with whiteboard functionality that enables users to access and edit shared documents at the same time.

NetMeeting supports the International Telecommunications Union T.120 multipoint data-conferencing standard, which enables interoperability between different vendors' dataconferencing products.

The application was first unveiled in July. Vendors VDOnet, Events Software Products, and Creative Software Technologies have added compatible applications that include videoconferencing and customer support.

The NetMeeting SDK provides a number of conferencing APIs for the Win32 API, the OLE Component Object Model, and ActiveX technologies.

And its free

It can also help with Web sites that use Visual Basic Scripting Edition and JavaScript compatible languages to support Microsoft's ActiveX for applications such as live help desk or customer outreach.

The SDK will allow developers to work within the 14 languages NetMeeting currently supports. NetMeeting SDK is available free, downloaded at

Australian multimedia company Megavision International has developed what it claims is the best videoconferencing software of its type. CAMCOM.COM uses either software or hardware MJPEG encoding to provide the extremely high levels of video compression necessary to pump moving video over normal Internet connections. A demonstration diskette, limited to 15 calls, is available either by calling the number below, or by visiting the www site shown and filling in a form. It has an RRP of $300.

A full kit, which includes the Dooin MediaCamp 7 board, camera and software, is around $1,550 RRP. The Dooin board has seven functions, including: 2M VGA accelerator; 16-bit sound card; video for Windows capture and playback; MPEG1 playback; and TV Tuner. It even has an optional $32 remote control.

Megavision International

Tel (02) 9966 1488

Fax (02) 9966 1305



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