3Com releases new hub

3Com releases new hub

3Com is now shipping its SuperStack II 100Base-T4 hub, which provides Fast Ethernet connectivity across all major types of UTP cabling, hence eliminating compatibility issues and additional costs usually associated with replacing older category 3 and 4 UTP cable.

The new hub allows users with legacy cabling to get the benefits of full 100Base-T throughput.

The hub itself is stackable up to eight units, to form a single logical repeater, and provides 12 100Base-T4 Fast Ethernet ports with an optional 100Base-TX or 100Base-FX port.

It is available now with pricing as low as $310 per port.

. . . and adds a host of new products

3Com has also used the recent Networld+ InterOp Atlanta 96 networking exhibition to release a raft of new products onto the market.

Those available now include the SuperStack II Switch 2000 TR, new AccessBuilder remote access modules, the OfficeConnect Switch 140 and CD-ROM Server, a 3Access client software upgrade, and an AccessBuilder server upgrade.

The SuperStack II Switch 2000 TR is a 12 port stackable switch designed for cost-effective segmentation of token ring networks.

It provides a migration path to high-speed technologies such as FDDI and/or ATM through an optional slide-in module slot on the back of the switch.

Features include dynamic error-free cut-through and store-and-forward modes, full support for SRT, 802.1D and IBM Spanning Tree, token ring switching flow control and priority control and full RMon support.

The SuperStack II Switch 2000 TR has a tax inclusive price of $12,475.

The OfficeConnect Switch 140 is a port switch with four 10Base-T ports and one 100Base-TX. 3Com says it has been designed to be simple to install and configure, and features a fanless design and simple diagnostic LEDs and an external power supply. It carries a tax inclusive price of $2,340.

The OfficeConnect CD-ROM server is a stand-alone device that provides direct connectivity for up to seven CD-ROM drives, and has a tax inclusive price of $1,245.


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