Bay stacks on power

Bay stacks on power

Bay Networks says its BayStack token ring hubs are designed to be a highly flexible solution for integrating shared and switched technologies. Through custom segmentation capabilities and full integration with Bay Networks' Optivity network management suite, the hubs enable network managers to segment networks by incrementally configuring up to 48 rings for increasing the effective bandwidth to end-stations.

A single network management module in one BayStack extends management capabilities throughout an entire 12-hub stack. Three network management modules are available, offering varying levels of management capabilities as Standard, Advanced and Advanced Analyzer. The first provides four RMon groups and standard MIB II features, while the second provides full RFC 1757 and RFC 1513 support. The Advanced Analyzer agent supports full RMon monitoring at wire speed and offers implementation of RMon 2 for token ring networks.

The BayStack features 24 front-panel RJ-45 ports supporting host connections at both 4 and 16Mbit/sec, creating a single ring supporting a total of 156 users in full cascade configuration. Cable length between hubs of up to 100 metres is supported which allows a hub to cascade to span several wiring closets or floors to create a highly distributed hub architecture.

MultiRing Expansion architecture means BayStacks can be stacked up to 12 hubs high to support a total of 288 users segmented across a total of 48 separate rings.

The BayStack token ring hub with 24 RJ-45 UTP/STP ports, a single MDA slot and one expansion slot has a recommended retail price of $5,474 including tax. The Standard, Advanced, and Advanced Analyzer network management modules are priced from $8,607 to $12,718.

Bay Networks

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