Lotus opens up its replication tools

Lotus opens up its replication tools

Angling to expand its Web mind share, Lotus Development is building on Domino's warm reception with several products designed to simplify intranet use.

Lotus is readying a Notes replication tool, dubbed Weblicator, that will allow users to replicate changes to Web information via an HTTP server instead of just a Notes server. It will allow users to download Web pages or intranet information, then disconnect and update the information off-line.

ForeFront Group's WebWhacker and Travelling Software's WebEx offer similar functionality but restrict users to read-only status or to maintaining a stand-alone copy of the changed information.

Weblicator intends to pick up where these products leave off, allowing synchronisation of the data with an HTTP server. Lotus has also announced that it will begin to rent Web applications for building collaborative Web sites. Domino Service Provider Applications (SPA) will be hosted by Lotus Notes Public Networks and Internet service providers and targeted at less technically savvy users.

Domino Action SPA will be layered onto the Domino server, letting users create interactive Web sites by typing information into a template. A second product from Lotus, codenamed Domino Collaboration SPA, will enable creation of private password-protected sites.

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