New additions for D-Link

New additions for D-Link

D-Link has released a raft of new products in its Fast Ethernet and switching lines. New releases include standard hubs, modular switches, desktop stackable hubs and remote access servers.

The DE-1824 series of stackable 10Base-T hubs includes new features such as video display of statistics and segmentation of the network from a management station. Up to eight hubs may be daisy chained together, with seven client hubs sharing an SNMP management agent of a master hub. The hub comes with 24 twisted-pair RJ 45 ports, supporting UTP and STP cable, in a single slimline rack-mountable case. The new vacuum fluorescent display shows comprehensive system status and network traffic statistics on a screen much larger than standard LED displays. Manageable segmentation means the hubs can be segmented at any time to prevent network overload.

The DE-1824 is available in four configurations, as client or master hub (RRP of $1,295 and $1,765 respectively) either with or without security features (RRP of $1,479 and $2,035 respectively).

The DFE-1208 is a compact desktop Fast Ethernet hub for data-inten-sive high bandwidth client/ server users, featuring eight 100Mbit/sec ports.

Up to six devices can be stacked, with the capacity to link two stacks to create up to 94 ports connected on a 100Mbit/sec network. An eight port version carries an RRP of $1,999, while the 12 port version has an RRP of $4,165.

Finally from D-Link is the NetXpand product family, which combines remote access server, router and bridging functions for workgroup and departmental network remote links.

The family includes a DI-1181 RouteMan for remote connection for small business, the DH-1184 SoHo for remote connection for workgroups, and the DH-1180 Central for central site remote connection. The RouteMan provides one WAN port and one LAN port and has an RRP of $1,299, while the SoHo provides four WAN ports and one LAN port with an RRP of $1,999.

The Central provides 10 WAN ports and one LAN port, and can serve as a combined remote access server with remote bridge/ router, with an RRP of $3,885.

The NetXpand family can communicate with third party SNMP management software packages, and all products are based on RISC technology.

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