Attack a Mac

Attack a Mac

Sometimes it's hard to win. Sometimes it's impossible. If your name is Apple and you make computers you could be excused for having a chip on your shoulder.

Back when Mac was Mac and PC was PC, Apple was chided for being too proprietary. Then they started putting PC compatibility into some products and people said it was too expensive, too slow, and anyway, who'd want to run PC software on a Mac? Even in areas where Mac has done well, like education, there has always been a strong outcry from PC-using parents that Macs are too expensive, too proprietary, and not representative of the real world of computing.

Then the bastion of Mac machines, that 10 or so per cent of US Fortune 500 companies that had heavy or exclusive Mac usage, have started to shift towards PCs, in many cases outlawing the Apple machines. Perhaps the shining star of Mac usage, publishing, is now under attack too. It's claimed that currently around 80 per cent of professional publishers and graphic arts people use, prefer, and want to keep using, Mac.

Yet many of these "safe sites" are under attack, not because the PC is better than the Mac, but simply because it does the same job. Yes, I know the Mac purists will say that the software comes out first on the Mac, or that the really "great" software isn't available at all on PCs, but that isn't really true, is it?

Let's face it, when you attack a market, as PC vendors all try to do, you don't go after a little one, you go after the big one. Education and publishing will be targeted over the next year or so, and I'm sure Apple will lose share. Whether that's just a loss in percentage, but not a dollar loss, will depend on how much the segments grow and how much Apple loses.

But one thing's for sure. No-one ever improved their market share by crying "Everyone's against us. The World's a cruel place."

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