Oracle emphasises channel sales

Oracle emphasises channel sales

As the next step in Oracle's aggressive plan to push 50 per cent of its licence sales through channels, AMS Communications has been named the first Australian Oracle Solution Enabler.

AMS' new role with Oracle will see it implementing multifaceted solutions built around the Oracle product set, primarily its Windows NT and Novell client/server products. The aim is to provide a one-stop-shop service for companies seeking to purchase their hardware, operating system, network, database and other IT needs from a single vendor.

Oracle's national sales manager for business alliances Nick Evered says the deal will extend Oracle's reach beyond its traditional space in the corporate market. "It's a strategic imperative of Oracle to realise the potential of our new channel strategy. Our current distribution model is not really taking advantage of all the market opportunities."

Evered said AMS will not be restricted in its scope to any particular part of the product set, and may not be the only Solutions Enabler appointed. "This particular channel environment is something that Oracle hasn't got a lot of experience with. We're learning a lot from AMS, as far as how to go about doing this.

"Oracle is finding that it has insufficient cap-acity to deliver the new range of products in the NT and workgroup solution space, and we need people who have been selling to the other areas like the divisions within large corporate organisations that we haven't been traditionally in."

Although he would be happy to remain in an exclusive arrangement, AMS Communications' general manager Dan Downs says he would welcome other partners. "We've got a lot of experience with the multinational vendors. We would actually encourage them to have more than one. We'd like to be the biggest, but I think the feedback that they get from more than one will help round out their program."

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