Anite Networks: new name, new focus

Anite Networks: new name, new focus

Determined to leave its old identity as Cray Communications behind it, Anite Networks is growing beyond its traditional role of network integration by further concentrating on the network outsourcing arena.

Anite general manager Ian Fewtrell says that this expansion in capabilities represents a realisation that many of Anite's customers are refocusing on their core competencies. "Outsourcing is really the name of the game nowadays. You're seeing it in government and even the major corporates - many of whom who have IT departments that are larger than our entire organisation."

Fewtrell says many companies are realising that managing a network is not deemed to be a skill set they need. "But if they actually look at being able to outsource that, they can probably provide a better and more elegant service, because the people they have outsourced through have the benefit of economies of scale. They can afford to have people sitting there 24 hours a day, because they are not just looking after one network, they are looking after five networks."

Fewtrell says factors such as increasing competition in areas like banking and finance is driving the push to outsourcing. Anite has also been active in placing trained staff within clients as subcontractors on a permanent basis.

"That's the way I see the marketplace going, and that's where we are trying to position ourselves."

Fewtrell points to Anite's recently signed deal with Telstra to distribute its Internetwork Management Service as an example, where he says Anite is currently the only organisation that can operate both a totally managed router network and a managed line.

Recognising that Anite's core strength is in networking, Fewtrell believes it is necessary for his company to maintain partnerships with service providers in other areas in order to bring clients a one-stop-shop offering. "We're not experts in software applications, but we've got partners who are. And it's only when you bring those partners together that you can provide the customer with a one-stop shop.

"If users only have one ring for a help-desk, and in addition to that we can be pro-active in the way that we manage their network, then they provide a far better service for their users. And that's the way companies are going - the way they can get the advantage over their competition is by providing better service."

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