Fish Tech finds opportunities in Domino

Fish Tech finds opportunities in Domino


One Notes business partner to already have taken advantage of the Domino products is Fish Tech and Partners. A Premium Notes business partner, Fish Tech is also a network integrator and reseller of IT products, via dedicated Notes-based catalogue services connected directly to its major clients.

Managing director Nick Fish says the solutions Fish Tech implements are designed to improve the customer service of its clients. Not surprisingly, Fish Tech uses itself as a testing house for much of its services.

Traditionally Fish Tech has been the sole supplier for clients through its Notes link, including United Distillers, Alcatel, Australian Payments Clearing Association and Bankers Trust. Fish Tech has even provided hardware and software to clients free of charge in order to facilitate that link from its clients to its product order service.

The success of its Notes-based system leads to Fish Tech receiving enquiries from its customers as to whether they could also use it, resulting in Fish Tech selling it to other distribution houses. "Customers have already started to say that they could use a commodity type system for our own business," said Fish. "And then it becomes a question of how are you going to host that."

Fish said that some clients have indicated their desire for a system that was not Notes-exclusive. That system can now be hosted as a Web application by Domino with the power of Notes at the back end, and Fish says his company has finished developing the first stage of its new catalogue product.

For its own customers, the move away from a reliance on Notes is opening up business opportunities. "What we'll find is under the Internet access we will still have dedicated catalogues per customer. But we won't necessarily have to be their preferred supplier."

That product now being developed is aimed at anyone who runs a catalogue service, from book stores to supermarkets. And Fish says it is much cheaper than other purchasing systems. "For $15,000 to $30,000 start-up you've got basically a complete system with one administrator trained."

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