Cisco reaches for the next tier

Cisco reaches for the next tier

Cisco has enhanced its push into the mid-range networking market with the release of its NetBeyond hardware products, while providing itself with a springboard for products aimed at the low end of the market.

NetBeyond is described by Cisco as an extended network system of integrated modular, stackable products manageable from a central location, and includes low-cost flexible Ethernet switches and 100Base-T hubs for high-performance LANs. Also included are access router devices, and support for a common redundant power supply, capable of handling the requirements of up to four NetBeyond devices.

"What the company is doing is taking the success we've had in the past 12 years and building not only routing but switching and access capabilities, and focusing that on small and medium business," says Cisco's manager of high volume products, Dan Lott. "Networking is absolutely changing the way information moves, and with the technology and the ease of use we've bought in, we've now changed that in a way that small and medium business can not only take advantage of it, but can prosper with it."

Lott says the NetBeyond range meets the objectives of the Cisco Pro distribution model, that being the provision of networking solutions built for medium-sized businesses. "The products that we're launching here would generally fit in an organisation of 100 to 300 or greater workers."

Lott says that while these products are not designed for the lower tier of companies of 20 to 99 staff, he says the NetBeyond range provides a base from which Cisco will launch new products that fit that space before the year's end.

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