Securicor adds value to routing

Securicor adds value to routing

Since its takeover of local distributor Network Dynamics in July, Securicor 3net has set about developing a channel model that will take its security and router network products into a wider marketplace.

"Forming strategic alliances and partnerships with people in the distribution chain really adds to our penetration," says marketing manager Paul McCarney, "because otherwise we don't have the resources to go out there and attract the end-user." Hence Securicor 3net has been active in appointing VARs, integrators and distributors, and is looking to appoint more, including a national distributor.

McCarney feels they will take on Securicor 3net products because of the added value these can bring to the traditional router and security marketplace. "There are areas in the market that Securicor feels it has a competitive advantage in. We offer an exciting security solution, not just firewall, not just encryption. It's a whole range of things, such as payload encryption and generic routing encapsulation (see story page 53)."

The offerings also encompass LAN encryption technology and compression technologies.

"We offer most of this as hardware based on a co-processor within the router, so it's more secure and it's also a lot more cost effective. And the actual speed is not tied down by compressing and encrypting the data - it's on a separate board completely," McCarney said.

Apart from its security, McCarney says Securicor 3net also has a compelling tale to tell in low-cost ISDN connectivity. He says Securicor's Network iQ router products working in conjunction with Telstra's Spectrum voice and data service can result in considerable cost savings for networks of greater than 20 nodes. "Over the life of a router, the actual cost is less than a fifth of the cost in terms of annual charges and tariffs." He added that as their PABX is outsourced there is also a saving in the installation charge.

He says the products address the issue of greater cost associated with having the security features by being modular in design. Users can purchase a simple model and add features as needs evolve. "The product has been built from the ground up, and not from acquired technologies. So in terms of compatibility we function extremely well."

McCarney says Securicor 3net is campaigning strongly in vertical markets. "At this stage we're promoting in the insurance and banking areas, and other areas where security is an issue."

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