Thinking out of the box: Lidcam eases Net connection

Thinking out of the box: Lidcam eases Net connection

Lidcam's Internet-in-a-box product has evolved out of the Melbourne-based distributor's experience in selling Net solutions to small- and mid-sized organisations.

"We found that customers buying modems and routers invariably had questions about Internet connection, whether it was IP addressing or software or what have you," said Lidcam sales manager Andrew Sousa. "The point of using the Internet is that it's supposed to be easy, but that's not always the case. What we wanted to do was to make it possible for resellers to offer their customers a simple, platform-independent, turnkey solution for connecting a network to the Net."

Lidcam's Internet Office In A Box and Internet Classroom In A Box products (same product, different names) comprise a MicroRouter 900I TCP/IP, PPP router; a Global Village Teleport Platinum V.34, 28.8Kbit/sec modem; Eudora Light e-mail software (for Macintosh and Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and NT 3.5); and Microsoft Internet Explorer (for Macintosh and Windows 3.1, 3.11 and NT). RRP for both products is $2,345. Lidcam leaves ISP selection up to resellers and customers; an ISDN option is also available.

Lidcam's selection of Microsoft's Internet Explorer sheds light on some of the competitive issues in the browser marketplace. "We looked at selecting Netscape Navigator as the browser, but they were asking for $20 per licence. Microsoft gave Explorer away, so, from our perspective, the choice was obvious," Sousa said.

"The In-A-Box products are best suited for networks of five to 30 PCs," Sousa said. "We've packaged it as a consumer product, when, in fact, it's a networking product. However, the ease-of-use factor makes it manageable for any customer."

Lidcam:Tel (03) 9820 9077.

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