Doing the Banksia Wave

Doing the Banksia Wave

Banksia says it has reinvented the modem in the form of "The Wave". It's a full-featured SOHO and family-use 33.6Kbit/sec data modem with 14.4Kbit/sec fax and full-duplex speakerphone, for $399 RRP. Looking like a cross between a multimedia PC speaker and a shark's fin, the new design has already been sold overseas and has earned the DesignMark from Australian Design Awards. US modem manufacturer Microcom has licensed the design and will be selling it around the world under its own brand, according to Banksia managing director David Stewart.

One unusual feature of the modem is that it comes with a very wide range of applications, all on a CD. The apps include Microsoft Internet Explorer, QuickLink MessageCentre, and multi-user games. Based on the new Rockwell ACF processor, the modem is SVD (simultaneous voice and data). It is also Windows 95 Plug-n-Play, though software is also provided for Windows 3.1x.

The box is designed to be placed between the monitor and keyboard, and features pictographs alongside each status light, making it easier for users to understand what is happening. Banksia is presently watching the dial-up and Internet videoconferencing market, and will release appropriate kits, probably starting next year.

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