Exchequer Enterprise: not just another two-bit system

Exchequer Enterprise: not just another two-bit system

Exchequer Enterprise is a 32-bit accounting system for Windows 95 and NT now available for the first time in Australia through Palladium Technology.

An advance on Exchequer's existing DOS-based accounting system, developer SBS Financial Systems says Exchequer Enterprise embraces the same philosophies that have seen the DOS-based version installed at over 2,500 sites worldwide. Features include drill-down views, non-destructive period ends, open period accounting and hot keys, which SBS says are designed to provide users with a powerful, flexible and ergonomic accounting tool. The new Windows 95/NT version also features a full graphical user interface, while at the same time it is data compatible with DOS versions.

Palladium's Quentin Feduchin expects the market for Exchequer to be a large one, given the number of companies looking to migrate their business from older systems to Windows NT or 95, and the still sizeable number of companies not running electronic accounting systems at all. While no resellers have yet been appointed, Feduchin says there may be space in the market for as many as several dozen. He says the experience in New Zealand, where the product is already available, has been good.

Feduchin says resellers looking to take on the Exchequer system should have some knowledge of accounting packages, although they will need to be trained in Exchequer's installation and support procedures.

As Exchequer Enterprise is designed for larger companies, resellers would ideally be in the category of 10 or more employees, in order to install and support the product fully. Feduchin says the base sale price for Exchequer is usually around $8,000 and that resellers can make 30 to 40 per cent of margin on the buy price. Palladium Technology can be contacted on (02) 9965 7268.

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