Apple CEO Amelio surveys future

Apple CEO Amelio surveys future

Apple CEO Gil Amelio says the embattled manufacturer's path to recovery will comprise three main steps: (1) achieving financial stability; (2) improving its products - "Our quality has suffered this year," he said; and (3) moving on to "the next generation of innovation".

Amelio told a Sydney audience the Apple game plan is to "stabilise in FY 96, to consolidate in FY 97 and to grow in FY 98", he said. "We have not been as successful in transforming technical innovation into business success as we'd like." In keeping with this scenario, Amelio implied Apple will delay launching a new operating system until 1998.

"There's no question we dodged a bullet this year, but with a war chest of $US1.74 billion, we're in a position to do some very exciting things," he said. Amelio says two of those things include V-Twin, a contents-based search engine, and Hot Sauce, which makes possible the integration of disparate databases.

Amelio says Apple will forgo the browser war currently being fought by Netscape and Microsoft. "Those products are very good. The market doesn't require the emergence of another major player," he said.

All in all, Amelio presented a cautiously optimistic view of the future for Apple. "There's no longer a question of whether or not Apple's going to survive. It will," he said. "The more important question is where will we be in five years? The next five years are going to have more changes then the last fifteen."

In other news, Apple Australia has announced price cuts of as much as 15 per cent on its Macintosh Performa line. The Performa 5400 16/1.6Gb/CD, formerly $3,795 - is now $3,395; the Performa 5400 DOS 16/8/1.6Gb/CD, formerly $4,695 - is now $3,995; and the Performa 6400/180 16/1.6G/CD, formerly $4,195 - is now $3,695.

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