Financial software company expanding channel

Financial software company expanding channel

CODA, a UK-owned financial accounting software company, is actively looking for around seven resellers to add to its current channel of two.

CODA Australia, which was established last year in a major reorganisation of the company's presence in Australia, is looking for two resellers in each of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, and one in South Australia.

Neil Currie, managing director of CODA Australia, cited the company's growth over the past year as a major reason behind the expansion. "For the first half of the year the company has grown by 60 per cent on a worldwide basis, which is fairly serious growth," he said.

According to Currie, CODA is keen to recruit resellers that may already be in a niche or particular market segment but that see CODA financial software as a revenue opportunity which will complement their core business.

"Because our product is typically positioned at the low mid-range to high mid-range companies we're not looking at corner shops for resellers. We're looking for organisations that have a business basis within themselves where CODA will become an added value product to them as opposed to their sole source of business," Currie said. "they may already carry financial software."

The reseller will be treated as a "branch" of CODA, said Currie, in that it will be a partnership where CODA's resources will be made available to the reseller.

"We value our partnerships enormously; basically everything is available to them. They can walk in and use our facilities and have access to the same consulting resources as our consultants do and the same sales material our sales people do. We basically don't hold anything back from our partners," he said.

CODA Australia, which has a combined direct and channel sales model, anticipates that by the year 2000, 65 per cent of its business will go through the channel.

CODA Tel (02) 9411 8500ÊFax (02) 9411 8200

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