New distributor promotes connectivity

New distributor promotes connectivity

Providing information and services to companies working in the mid-range and mainframe connectivity market is the goal of Dovetail Distribution. A division of Rosser Communications, Dovetail is distributing a number of frame relay and software connectivity products, and is taking orders now.

"We feel that there is a bit of a gap, where there's nobody really distributing products who has a good knowledge in the IBM mid-range and mainframe area, with connectivity into LANs and things like that," says Dovetail's manager Rob Harkness.

"So that's where we're focusing, in really connecting the desktop to the mid-range/mainframe type products. I think there's a good opportunity for people who have got good products in that area." Harkness says Dovetail will probably not work in the Unix marketplace. "Our expertise really is in IBM AS/400 and the mainframe, and that market is still pretty buoyant. And a lot of people are moving from traditional methods of connectivity with that product through to connecting LANs to their AS/400s and then onto wide area networks."

Hence Dovetail's involvement in the frame relay connectivity market.

Although Dovetail is connected with Rosser, Harkness says the new distribution company will function separately from the integration company. "We want to distance ourselves from the end-user sales organisation as much as possible, because we'll be rewarded on our sales through resellers, not through Rosser Communications."

Rosser Tel (02) 9418 2544

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