Senior IT execs say resellers are No. 1 source of information

Senior IT execs say resellers are No. 1 source of information

The next time someone tells you resellers are know-it-alls, you can tell them they're absolutely correct. A recently released report from Quadrant Research concludes resellers are the number-one source of information on computer-related products and services for senior IT executives throughout Australia.

As part of its research into the information needs of IT executives, Quadrant interviewed 710 senior execs - 680 from private firms and 30 from Government - and asked them what are the most valuable sources of computer-related information. "Seventy-eight per cent of senior IT execs throughout Australia named resellers as important or very important in helping to make decisions about computer-related products and services," said Ian McNair, managing director of Quadrant. Following resellers were software suppliers, friends/colleagues, computer consultants and manufacturer's publications.

"There's certainly no shortage of computer information out there - whether you're talking about the Internet, newspapers and magazines or sales material," said Peter Baker, IT manager for Production Music Services. "The issue is the quality of information available. In that sense, resellers are probably our best bet."

Despite their mass audience potential, direct mail, television and radio rated the lowest in the survey, Quadrant's McNair said.

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