Digital's new switching hub

The VNswitch 900 switching hub from Digital's Network Product Business is designed to act as either a stand-alone switch or snap into Digital's DEChub 900 high-speed switching chassis with a firmware upgrade. The new hubs allow simultaneous switching between Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI and ATM technology. The firmware upgrade also doubles chassis throughput to 5.6Gbit/sec.

The VNswitch family features four models. The VNswitch 900EX has 12 switched Ethernet ports and two Fast Ethernet ports, and carries a tax inclusive price of $14,060. The VNswitch 900EA includes the 12 switched Ethernet ports but features a single ATM port, and has a tax inclusive price of $18,749. The VNswitch replaces the ATM port with an FDDI port and has a tax inclusive price of $20,089, while the VNswitch 900EE features 24 switched ports and has a tax inclusive price of $14,637.

Digital Network Product Business

Tel 1800 675 590

New connectivity solution

Attachmate has released the second generation of its Web-to-host access Emissary Host Publishing System (EHPS). Version 2.0 of EHPS features a major enhancement in the form of Emissary HostSurfer, which provides an on-the-fly HTML display of host terminals for viewing with any browser. Other new features include support for AS/400 data and applications, Enterprise Access Library support, an application preload and Netscape API support. Also, EHPS now includes user ID and password queue support, support for MAPI controls, and performance monitor support.

Attachmate Australia

Tel (02) 9975 7188 Fax (02) 9451 4034

New Fast Ethernet transceivers

Allied Telesyn International has released its AT-MX family of 10/100 Fast Ethernet transceivers, which provide additional media attachment options for Fast Ethernet hubs, switches and bridges equipped with a 40-pin Media Independent Interface.

The four new transceivers feature TX and T4 connection options with a combination of RJ45, MII, fibre ST and fibre SC connections. Tax inclusive pricing on the four products is $470 for the AT-MX300TX, $470 for the AT-MX400T4, $854 for the AT-MX500F/ST and $854 for the AT-MX500F/SC.

Allied Telesyn International

Tel (02) 9416 0619

Fax (02) 9416 9764

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