New opportunity a sure thing

New opportunity a sure thing

With hopes of cashing in early on the growing interest in networking among small business, a South Australian-based distributor has introduced a networking bundle it hopes will be a killer.

The Easy Kit from Taiwanese company Surecom is a Novell-approved pack containing five network cards and a five port hub with software and cables priced at $499, designed to provide out of the box networking for small companies.

Operating in Australia as a division of South Australia-based MIMP Computer Cable, Surecom Direct is currently distributing product through its local dealers base and by direct mail through the Business Product Review catalogue.

Surecom Direct business manager Allan Aitchison says, should the response be sufficient, he is very interested in creating a nationwide dealer network. "We've found that a lot of direct marketing produces faster results. Usually if you get direct sales you also have enquiries coming from distributors and dealers that want to pick up the products as well."

Aitchison said Surecom has so far received around 600 expressions of interest in the product. "We've sold quite a few of the products, and for every one we've sold, the customer has been extremely happy and often come back and bought more."

The Surecom line also includes hubs and other equipment, including 100Base-T devices, but Aitchison said his company will wait until it is properly established before bringing them into Australia.

Aitchison said MIMP also distributes a product range from Aten, which includes devices for printer and CPU sharing. "Basically anything to do with peripheral sharing, that's what we look after, in the low-end user market," he said. "We've gone into Surecom because it's a higher-end user product."

Surecom Direct

Tel 1800 804 694

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