Senteq joins global alliance

Senteq joins global alliance

Australian integrator Senteq Information Systems hopes its entry into the worldwide services and integration organisation, The Global Alliance (TGA), will allow it to offer a broader range of services across a much greater area for its customers.

"Over the last five to ten years there's been a lot of pressure on multinational businesses to take a much more global approach to the way they conduct themselves," said Senteq chief executive Jonathan Fisk. "That raises a whole bunch of issues. In particular, how they manage differing service levels and quality around the world, and importantly, how they can maintain a single point of contact relationship with one organisation for their local requirements.

"Another issue is global purchasing power. Many multinationals are much stronger in their head office country than they are in their local regions. So they want to look at how they can leverage off their home country purchasing power overseas."

TGA was founded two years ago by US-based integrator ENTEX Information Services with the mission of assisting multinational organisations to implement global standards through global relationships, and has member companies in 29 countries with combined revenue of $7 billion.

As a member, Fisk says Senteq can provide a single point of contact for the Australian-based operations of any client of another TGA member, under a program called 1Desk. Likewise, any Senteq client can expect the same levels of service overseas from TGA members that it receives from Senteq locally. "So as a 1Desk customer, the organisation in Sydney will be able to sign up for service levels in Los Angeles or Paris," said Fisk.

Already a $100 million company, Fisk says membership of the alliance is crucial to Senteq's future. "From our point of view joining the alliance is a part of how we're going to achieve our aggressive growth targets. It's going to give us a much broader scope as to what we're able to do for our customers.

"And also, we get to benchmark ourselves and our performance against some of the best companies operating in the toughest markets in the world. It's no longer good enough for us as an organisation to benchmark ourselves against someone down the road."

Fisk said that to become a TGA member, companies must make an exclusive commitment to TGA, which in turn gives that company exclusive coverage for their country.

He said that all TGA members are similar organisations with similar objectives - specifically to become or remain a leader in the desktop services environment. Each alliance partner dedicates full-time resources to handle its memberships commitment, and a six monthly meeting is held between all TGA members to ensure that each is performing adequately.


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