IBM launches integrated support option for resellers

IBM launches integrated support option for resellers

IBM has switched its support focus from a direct model to resellers with the launch of a new range of support services named People Pack.

An Australian initiative, each People Pack consists of a defined scope of work from IBM staff, with the nature of the work dependent on the type of People Pack the reseller moves off the shelf.

So far IBM has three varieties - covering support, optimisation and installation.

"Support has always been one of IBM's core competencies," said Theresa Eyssens, IBM's Australian services segment manager for networking and software. "We've developed People Pack in Australia to provide a total support solution to our customers through the reseller," she said.

People Pack support comes in two flavours - personal systems support and network support - and three sizes - small, medium and large - costing $100, $500 and $1000 respectively. Each contains product and pricing information and details of the scope of the work defined in each pack.

"The whole key to People Pack is that it gives the customer access to IBM's people through the reseller," Eyssens explained. "It's the first time we've done this," she said.

Other areas covered by People Pack are installation and optimisation of LANs. "These are designed to move our skills out to the reseller, who may not have all the skills required to install and support LANs," said Eyssens.

The installation line of People Packs cover a wide variety of services ranging from physically unpacking the product to setting it up and configuring it to suit the customers requirements, and range in price from $2000 to $5000.

The LAN service pack is available in blocks of 10 hours of service during normal business hours for $1500.

Just like everything else on the retail shelf it also has an expiry date - six months from date of purchase.

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