Traffic Pro shopper tracker

Traffic Pro shopper tracker

A South Australian company has developed a new software/hardware package that enables retailers to monitor and analyse the flow of customers within a sales floor or shopping centre.

According to Peter Cohen, managing director of developer Development & Technologies, Traffic Pro is a pedestrian counter and a marketing tool, which "takes much of the guesswork and gut feel out of running a retail operation".

The Traffic Pro consists of small sensors placed strategically on the sales floor which count customers as they break the sensor's beams; Cohen said the sensors contain intelligence to distinguish between people and moving objects so that only people are counted.

The sensors are linked to a computer within the store or to a modem which, via automated dial-up polling, enables the data to be collected from a number of stores and transferred to a central database, such as a retail chain's headquarters.

The software, which runs on all Microsoft Windows platforms and networks, can be used to provide graphical analysis of the data collected. Cohen said the Traffic Pro makes it possible to accurately measure traffic flow, track pedestrian movements and compare the information with similar periods in previous days, weeks and months, providing retailers with an up-to-date picture of their customer's shopping movements.

Retailers are able to determine from the data collected whether their advertising campaigns are effective, he said. "The real power of the Traffic Pro is in consolidating the figures; if a chain is doing a state by state advertising campaign, they can consolidate the data for the whole state and work out how many people were drawn to a particular week or month.

"It can also be used to assist in staff rostering, in a customer service situation, if they know there is going to be so many customers coming through the door, they might want to put on an extra staff member or take someone off if fewer people are expected," he said.

Cohen said a national distributor should be appointed by the end of February at which time the Traffic Pro will be priced and officially released.

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