What's cute and cuddly and teaches typing? Keywala

What's cute and cuddly and teaches typing? Keywala

Typequick's sales have doubled in the last three months, since the release of its new multimedia touch typing program, Kewala's Typing Adventure.

Noel McIntosh, president of Australian com-pany Typequick, said these are record sales for Typequick. "We are very pleased with the way it has gone, it hasn't even taken the market away from Typequick classic: dealers are selling one Kewala for every Typequick classic sold," he said.

Kewala, at $99 RRP, is aimed at the 11 to 25 year old market, and is written in Borland C++ to incorporate 64 background scenes and 2500 animated images into the touch typing course.

"The beauty of Kewala's Typing Adventure is that all of the teaching technology is hidden behind what is effectively a 10-hour animated movie where the student is sufficiently distracted from the tedium of learning to type," McIntosh said.

According to McIntosh, it is the quality reputation of Typequick software and its customer support services that have placed Typequick products in a position to compete against cheaper American programs.

He said the retailers such as Harvey Norman have given the Typequick products greater in-store emphasis in comparison to imported programs. "Even though we are probably at the top end of the price scale, they realise they can get more money for a package that is good quality and locally supported. It has happier customers. They recognise that we, as both the distributor and manufacturer, know much more about keyboard training," he said.

"A lot of people want more than just the purchase of a product, they want to feel that the company supplying them has their interests at heart; through our specialisation in keyboard training, we've been able to help our dealers provide both a product and a service to their customers."

McIntosh said Typequick distributes directly to resellers, as it can supply the software at a better price and offer larger margins for the reseller. He said resellers can depend on Typequick's stability, saying Typequick has sold more than $25 million worth of typing programs since 1985 and more than half of its gross profits are from overseas sales.

"Resellers can rely on the fact that the products have been around for a long time, it's a product range that is here to stay and is doing very successfully in Australia," McIntosh said.

"We have over one million users worldwide. Almost all of the corporations in Australia use Typequick for keyboard training. Whether it's the NRMA or the federal attorney general's department all around Australia, Typequick is very widely used."


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It's all in the wrist

Kewala is kool. You know it when your 15 year old brother knocks on your door, asking, begging, for the CD-ROM so he can learn how to type.

The funny thing is, another typing program had been sitting next to the computer for months without a second glance.

It appears Typequick has succeeded with Kewala's Typing Adventures. It has produced a bright, humorous (albeit on the tacky side) and addictive program that will have the learner coming back for more.

The typing course is incorporated into an animated story. The setting is Australia. The mission, to make it to the country of Eaz with the guidance of Kewala, a grungy koala who has already mastered the art of 10-fingered typingFinger food"Challenges", "bonus points" and quirky characters who give words of encouragement or praise are incorporated into the storyline.

One of the highlights of the program is the fact that it is 100% Australian, from the storyline, animation, actors, and musicians to the humour, and most importantly, the support provided by Typequick.

The requirements to run the program are - IBM Compatible 486, 33MHz with 8Mb RAM, or Pentium with 16Mb RAM, Win 3.1 or Win 95, Soundblaster compatible sound, double spin CD-ROM drive or better, VGA colour monitor.

Typequick recommends the users Windows display be set to 640 x 480 screen resolution with 256 colours.

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