Look ma, no cables

Look ma, no cables

One of the more interesting network switching options available to resellers comes from Adelaide-based Internode Systems.

It is suitable for linking buildings on the same site or across several nearby sites without any cabling. Developed by A.T. Schindler in Canada, the FirLAN MT300 sends data - and voice - over an infra-red link for distances of up to 450m.

While previous FirLAN models handled standard 10Mb/sec Ethernet link, the new model has an additional E1 link (2Mb/sec), suitable for applications like connecting digital PABXs. "It should also work fine for linking routers like Cisco's together," said Simon Hacket, Internode's technical director. "But the likely target market is organisations that want to "hop over the road" between buildings to link up LANs at 10Mb/sec and PABX systems which connect with links using the G.703 standard," said Hacket.

In English - one pair of units between two buildings can link up the computer network between the buildings and at the same time, can link up the phone system between the two buildings.


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