HP & DocTrieve bundle

HP & DocTrieve bundle

Hewlett-Packard has reached a distribution agreement with Melbourne-based company Instant Document Retrieval (IDR) to bundle its ScanJet colour scanners with IDR's DocTrieve file management and retrieval software.

IDR's managing director, Earl Woolley, said the combined package will be on the market for $4950 RRP.

Woolley said DocTrieve enables users to scan documents, images, graphics or spreadsheets and save them to a hard drive. Users can retrieve documents electronically, enlarge sections, insert text into other documents through optical character recognition software, and print, fax or e-mail selected parts of the document.

Complete or part files can be archived in-house to CD using DocTrieve when combined with CD-write hardware, allowing storage of 12,000 pages of A4 text per CD. Alternately, users may employ IDR's service bureaus for high-volume scanning and archiving services.

IDR currently has bureaus in Sydney and Brisbane, with a Melbourne branch to open this month. Woolley said IDR will eventually have bureaus in every Australian state, and believes most DocTrieve users will move to using bureau services when scanning becomes too time consuming.

He believes there are no similar products on the market that compare to DocTrieve in terms of price, software features and after-sales services offered by IDR. "We are a service provider, that's where the future is," said Woolley. "The service IDR provides is ongoing - other programs don't have that."

Resellers will receive a commission for every IDR service that their DocTrieve clients use, income that Woolley said could amount to thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

The minimum requirements to use DocTrieve are: Windows 3.1, a 486DX2-33MHz processor, 4Mb of RAM (8Mb recommended), SCSI interface for the scanner and a CD-ROM drive.

Instant Document Retrieval

Tel (03) 9555 0532 Fax (03) 9553 1826

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