Southmark transfers its consumables division to ATC

Southmark transfers its consumables division to ATC

Southmark Computer Systems has entered into a joint venture with Australian Toner Cartridge (ATC), transferring the staff and operation of its IT consumables division to ATC.

Southmark's Xpress Consumables Division will move to ATC, a computer consumables reseller, in an effort to re-focus Southmark's business on desktop systems integration, said general manager, Terry Wilde.

"The joint venture allows Southmark to focus on its business - systems integration - and it allows ATC to build its base in consumable high-volume, low-value products, which ATC is more geared to do than we are," Wilde said.

"It just made good business sense. At the end of the day, we looked at what our businesses really were and what we needed to focus on."

Wilde said the partnership is essentially a joint marketing venture: as a result each company will be able to specialise in their core competencies and satisfy each other's clientele to a greater extent.


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