TUSC to distribute IP multicast product

TUSC to distribute IP multicast product

Software and services com-pany TUSC Computer Systems has been appointed Australian distributor for StarBurst Communications' StarBurst MFTP IP Multicast product.

StarBurst Multicast is designed to eliminate the congestion experienced by networks seeking to distribute large multimedia files from a single source simultaneously to multiple clients. In one example TUSC says transmission of a one-megabyte file to 250 clients was reduced from 6 hours and 15 minutes down to less than four minutes.

The product takes advantage of Multicast support within networks, minimising usage of server resources and network bandwidth. Files are broken down into blocks and then broken down again into frames that are sent sequentially over a Multicast network, until the entire file is transmitted. StarBurst claims this is more economical than using multiple point-to-point broadcasts.

StarBurst MFTP is a client/server product, with pricing determined at the server end by the number of simultaneous clients required. Software required to serve 100 clients would cost approximately $425 per user.

TUSC Computer Systems

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