SDK eases pain of linking with EFTPOS

SDK eases pain of linking with EFTPOS

While EFTPOS has revolutionised Australian retailing, it has been slow to connect back to POS computer applications - particularly in small retailers. Realising an opportunity existed, Unique Micro Design (UMD) has developed an SDK that allows software developers to link their POS applications seamlessly with a bank's standard EFTPOS terminal. Which bank? The Commonwealth Bank (CBA).

"Rather than develop another retail POS application, we picked a bank - CBA - and developed a bridge that will link a POS application to the bank's standard Comm2000 EFT transaction terminal," explained Harry Ramadan, UMD's development manager.

But UMD will take the process a step further. "We go to the bank on behalf of the system developer and arrange for certification of the total package - the POS application connected to our EFTLink," said Ramadan.

UMD picked CBA because it claims to have about 40,000 EFTPOS terminals in Australia and has an estimated 41 per cent of the EFTPOS market here.

A stitch in time

"Using EFTLink, developers and system integrators are saved the problem of having to write an interface with the EFTPOS terminal - and that can take months of effort. Using EFTLink ensures their application is certified by CBA for use on its network in a much shorter time," Ramadan said.

UMD said three systems integrators/software developers had already used EFTLink to develop POS applications. The largest was for a system developed for the canteen of a major Australian Navy training establishment. Software developers and systems integrators pay a single (negotiated) licence fee for the EFTLink SDK and then an agreed fee for each system sold by the developer that incorporates EFTLink.


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