Software compliant audit programs

Software compliant audit programs

As the BSAA (Business Software Association of Australia) clamps down and successfully prosecutes holders of illegal software copies, one South Australian developer, Rob Harmer, has introduced software com- pliant auditing programs to minimise such cases.

The programs Baseline and f-LOGGER were designed to enable companies to detect illegal copies of software or unauthorised software installed on its computers by creating software inventories.

Rob Harmer said the software could save a company from the significant penalties involved in holding illegal software copies.

Harmer estimates more than half of all software copies installed in Australia are illegal, saying, "The BSAA has prosecuted well over 60 defendants successfully. The maximum penalty for such cases under the Copyright Act is up to a quarter of a million dollars.

"Our programs are basically designed to protect companies from getting caught with illegal software," he said.

Baseline is available in two versions, one for Windows 95 and NT at $195, to be installed on stand-alone PCs; and a network version which runs across file servers such as Novell and Windows NT for $950 per server and around $15 for each computer (dependant upon the network's size).

Baseline operates on an exception reporting basis, meaning once it is installed, an audit can be conducted at a later date detecting any software that has been installed during that period. The f-LOGGER program ($99) allows a company to check for pirated software by creating an inventory of a com-pany's floppy disks' contents.

Rob Harmer Consulting Services:

Tel 015 976 192 Fax (08) 8265 1961


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