NC margins attract resellers

NC margins attract resellers

With all the hype about upcoming releases of NCs, many resellers are unaware that HDS Network Systems has been shipping the machines for almost a year. The @workStation is a slimline box which fits beneath a monitor. It runs HDS' own network operating system, and ships with a native version of Netscape Navigator, as well as Windows apps on a remote server using NTRIGUE.

HDS executive VP Michael Kantrowitz told ARN that the NC is an ideal way for resellers to carve a healthy niche in the marketplace. He points out that not only is there a good reseller margin, but there is also much more chance to stay part of the loop with the customer. "Our NC uses all standard components," said Kantrowitz. "You get to add the keyboard, monitor and mouse of your choice, or reuse what the customer has. It takes hard disks and diskette drives also." RRP for the base model is $1265 ex tax.

The photo (left) is the world's first press exposure of HDS' new model, the @workstation ELITE, which has the upright form factor that most manufacturers are moving towards.

However, Kantrowitz points out that this doesn't allow for disk drives and so on. The ELITE will be shipping towards the middle of the year, but the existing model will remain.

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