APC powers up UPS sales

APC powers up UPS sales

Resellers looking to add further value to network sales - and boost their own margins - are frequently overlooking the addition of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). While this might seem like a glib piece of sales talk from a UPS supplier, Leanne Cunnold, country manager Australia for American Power Conversion (APC), said UPS use in Australia was lower than in the US and Japan.

"Our research shows that 40 per cent of problems in any network - ranging up to loss of data - can be traced back to the power supply." She said that adding a UPS to a typical network increased the total cost by between 10 and 15 per cent. "That's a small premium to pay for ensuring you never lose data from power supply problems," she said.

Although in Australia through a direct presence for about a year, the local subsidiary of Rhode Island-based APC is ramping up its sales efforts. Resellers are supplied through distributors which include Express Data, Tech Pacific and Vital Energy Systems.

Recent advances in UPS systems include software-scheduled self testing. This automatically notifies a network supervisor whenever a battery or UPS requires service or replacement. Remote checking of UPS systems on a network also shows battery runtime, load capacity and voltage to show the status of the UPS at a glance. During an extended power outage, UPS systems can also close down the network in an orderly fashion - saving all data to hard disk before the battery is drained and the network closed down.

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