NEC again in PC server market

NEC again in PC server market

NEC is renewing its bid for a share of the PC server market through its existing channels - and the company is convinced it now has the strategy in place to capture 10 per cent of the local market within three years.

Isaku Sato, national marketing manager for NEC's information systems group, said he estimated NEC now had about 2 per cent of the server market, which he estimated was about 25,000 units last year.

As well as the existing dealer network, NEC is also pinning its faith on the strong reputation it has in the PABX market. There, the company is estimated to have about 45 per cent of the market, which is about 14,000 units.

"We feel companies will see it makes sense to source their servers, notebooks and desktop computers from the same company that supplied the PABX," Sato said.

"That makes even more sense with the convergence of computer and telephone systems."

NEC's on-off-on move in the server market was originally driven by the decision of its US operation to build servers based on the MIPS RISC chip. Thus while the company had a dominant position in the highly proprietary Japanese market, it was weak in the rest of the world.

"In the past year, the Japanese market has moved to the Wintel standard," Sato explained. "Since NEC re-entered its domestic market with Intel-based servers in 1994, it has replaced Compaq as the leading supplier of servers.

"I'm sure we can repeat that success in Australia," Sato said.

NEC's 5800 server range starts with the 110Pro. Based on a 200MHz Pentium Pro, it has a street price of less than $4500.


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