Messaging company seeks resellers

Messaging company seeks resellers

Software developer Liberty Corporate Services is looking for resellers interested in selling its new MessageStream electronic directory and messaging program.

Greg Twemlow, director of business and technology for Liberty, said MessageStream is aimed at medium to large companies wishing to replace their printed company directory with an online version which can be accessed by employees on a network.

The directory may be used to hold company information such as personnel data, employee phone numbers and locations.

The software was developed over the last year under a licence from American company Verisoft, allowing Liberty to develop and market the technology worldwide.

MessageStream is available in three configurations with varying features, the most sophisticated allowing electronic messages to be sent from the MessageStream server to pagers and digital mobile phones listed in the directory. The same message may be sent to groups of people in the directory. The next version of MessageStream due to be released in June will have an e-mail facility.

Twemlow said Liberty is currently selling the software direct but is interested in hearing from resellers dealing with the top 100 corporates or large government departments and who have in-house client server technology expertise or understanding. Liberty will provide product support for resellers and their clients.

Bye, bye paper . . .

MessageStream is available for both Mac-intosh and Windows platforms. Server software is available for Macintosh Power PC and supports AppleTalk, DECnet, and TCP/IP network protocols. A version for Microsoft NT server and WEB client will be available later.

It comes in three editions - Lite, Directory and Global, licensed per server and client PCs with the software installed, all priced on a yearly rental basis.

The Lite Edition: a yearly $995 fee for a multiple table directory server engine and a single copy of the client software both to be installed on a single Windows or Mac PC. Lite Edition stores 500 table entries and can send 100 messages a day.

The Directory Edition: $1500 for server software and $15 per PC with client software installed, per year. This edition provides a multiple table directory server engine and supports graphics stored on the directory.

The Global Edition: yearly fees are $4375 per year for the server software and $20 per client software installed. It provides modem links to paging and GSM service providers in addition to a multiple table directory server engine. It also allows for access to the MessageStream server by other application servers.

Liberty Corporate Services

TEL (02) 9975 5977 FAX (02) 9975 2966

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