East Coast: total net software solutions

East Coast: total net software solutions

Software distribution and marketing company East Coast Software says it is a one-stop shop for customers' Internet, intranet and extranet software needs.

Established in 1995 as a division of Broadcast Technologies by its managing director, Robert Bontschek, the company has since focused on accumulating representative software companies whose products support its one-stop claim.

East Coast Software now offers software packages from GreenRose, InfoAccess, Opposite Software, Allaire, Netguard, Elementrix Technologies and Eliashim. These packages encompass two main areas: security with firewalls, encryption, antivirus, PC and laptop protection; and Web page authoring - full document conversion and database conversion onto networks.

According to Bontschek, there is a huge demand for the provision of this type of total Internet/intranet solution in the corporate world.

"If someone is interested in security or firewall, then they are definitely interested in encryption, and they are definitely concerned about antivirus or PC security, and so on," he explained.

"All of our products complement each other - that's the way we've worked it, to offer a number of solutions in one package."

Bontschek's singular approach seems to have been well-received among industry peers; a test conducted at PC97 by Novotec Security saw East Coast placed equal first with Checkpoint in terms of security offerings.

"We're as good if not better than Check Point in the NT area, and our price is a lot better than theirs so we have that advantage," he explained.

The company plans a forthcoming series of seminars to be run in conjunction with Monash University on the Allaire product, Cold Fusion, which allows Web-to-database communication.

Building a dealer base

Amongst the VARs it has appointed so far include Zircon Systems in Sydney, Data3 in Brisbane, and Praxa in Melbourne.

Bontschek believes the East Coast focus on Internet solutions is representative of quality service and that it can only strengthen relationships between business partners.

"We've looked at our competitors and what they offer," he explained. "Our criteria are that the product works well and is good value for money, and that the companies we represent support the distributor so the distributor can support the resellers who can in turn support the customer base out there."

East Coast

TEL (03) 9428 9955 FAX (03) 9427 9898

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