Lava wants to flow more in Australia

Lava wants to flow more in Australia

Targeting major systems integrators and resellers, Lava Systems, a Toronto- based company, has opened a Sydney office to support the marketing of its LAVA Information Management System, a document management, imaging and workflow series of products.

One of the founders of the company, Ian Halliday (originally from Australia), said Lava would also be looking at taking over a suitable systems integration specialist to expand its local base.

"We have an elite population of resellers worldwide and we are looking to add to that population in Australia," Halliday said.

"To be successful in selling our product resellers need to have skills in workflow systems and be willing to be trained in our methodology and implementation techniques," he added.

"We already have a major presence here through Fujitsu which has sold some major systems," said Halliday. Systems sold here include those to WA Tax and Bonlac Foods, the dairy products organisation.

"The latest release of the product makes it more attractive to resellers and application developers," Halliday said. "Release 5 has opened up the API and provides enablers for specific applications such as SAP's R/3 and Oracle Financials," he said. Also included in the new release is a GUI and clipboard feature plus the ability to produce COLD.

LAVA Systems was originally formed as a reseller of IBM's AS/400 suite of software packages from third parties such as JD Edwards.

"In 1994 we were beaten in a bid by a start-up company and we liked the look of the product it was selling so much we bought the company," Halliday said. Then followed an intense period of further development of the product before it was launched as LAVA Information Management System.

The product will run on top of any SQL-com- pliant database. It can also access data in legacy systems. The package provides a single point of access to all of an organisation's data for end users.

Prices vary according to the number of end users but Halliday said the cost of the software was frequently a minor part of an overall project being undertaken by the reseller.

Lava Systems Australia

Tel (02) 9959 2282 Fax (02) 9959 2244

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