Persistence rewarded

Persistence rewarded

Both companies are small. One is involved in business and professional services and the other is a reseller and network integration company.

They are both typical of organisations in their field and they are both likely to succeed for the same reason. The reseller looks after the customer just as much as the customer looks after its clients.

The branch office of the customer had a minor but very annoying networking problem. A dialup link to the head office would drop out for no apparent reason after just a few minutes.

While software would re-establish the link, this annoying event would slow down file transfers and the daily updating of the customer's billing system held on a database in the head office.

The frequent dropouts were becoming such a major problem that the billing system was falling behind with the consequent failure to bill clients accurately.

Like the caped crusader, then entered our friendly neighbourhood network integrator. It was small beer for Bob. Although his company was not large, he was more used to sorting out problems on LANs and WANs. A problem with a dial-up link was hardly going to excite him. But a customer is a customer.

First he checked the linking software - a commercial package for linking two PCs over a dial-up connection. No problems there - both ends were correctly configured.

Then he checked the modems at each end. Again, there seemed to be no problems. There was no reason why the link should drop out every few minutes.

Then he noticed that the direct line in the head office used for the link had an infamous T200 handset connected. Swap that for a $20 cheapie from the local Dick Smith store and the problem was solved.

The moral of this is that our professional services company is now installing a LAN from Bob and is recommending to its clients Bob's services if they are in need of them.

Bob's persistence is paying off handsomely. There's never any job that's too small.

John Costello is a contributing editor

for Australian Reseller News

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