It's Simple, they're back!

It's Simple, they're back!

A year is a long time in the computer industry. Long enough for a modem company to be bought, then move rapidly through a number of sales models before finally settling fully into the channel. That's what's happened to Simplecomputing, maker of the Simple line of low-cost consumer modems.

Simple's channels manager, Glenn Houssenloge, explained that while the company has been successfully selling direct to a few mass-retailers, the company has now decided to use the wider two-tier channel in order to gain a much larger slice of the market. Since being bought by Banksia, Simple has not competed head to head with its big brother, but with features like a five-year warranty, excellent reliability and good bundled software, all for $199 RRP for a 33k external model - it believes it will gain ready acceptance.

Houssenloge said the current Australian modem market is around 80,000 units a month and he sees no reason why Simple shouldn't have its fair share. "Our strategy entails a major focus on joint marketing and promotional activities provided through the new distributors to key resellers. That includes free training, supply of business leads, joint marketing activities and after-sales support. In fact, we're the only vendor still offering free technical support." As well as 33.6K internal and external Simple-modems, there are notebook modems and the Face-To-Face eyeball video camera. (Also see page 49.) The company will soon introduce new products, including 56K Netexpress modems and video over the Internet. Simple believes the price for modems has bottomed, and predicts a period of stability.

Distributors for Simple modems are:

Force Technology (NSW, Qld and Vic)

Digital Solutions (Qld, NSW and Vic)

Company 29 (Vic)

SA - Laserline Supplies (SA)

NT - Laserline Supplies (NT)

WA - Johnson Technology Corporation

(WA, Tas and NSW)


Tel (02) 9418 6033

Fax (02) 9428 5460

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