Symantec adds value to licensing

Symantec adds value to licensing

According to the manager of Symantec's new Value Licence Program (VLP), Brett Goshorn, the program has been a "phenomenal success" since its launch in mid-May.

"It's going ballistic," he said. "when we first launched it we got an order for 150 licences for Norton Utilities within the first couple of days.

"Norton Utilities in volume used to be a very rare licence because people don't think of it as a product you want on the desktop at $129 RRP per seat. But when you're looking at volume, for 150 users it's $85 a seat."

Goshorn says the VLP, which replaces the previous Corporate Pack system, has introduced a new element of flexibility and value for organisations when purchasing multiple licences of Symantec software.

Mix and match

Under the VLP, end users now buy a single box from the reseller and place an order for the number of licences they require. The reseller gives the order to the distributor, Tech Pacific or Dataflow, which organises a certificate from Symantec authorising the software to be copied within the organisation the number of times specified.

"The paperwork became the real hassle but now there's no contract required. It just makes more sense and is a lot easier to manage," said Goshorn.

Goshorn told ARN that the new process has made site licences more attractive to both the distribution and reseller channel. He said resellers and distributors now don't need to stock large volumes of product, which was a failing of the Corporate Pack system.

"The Corporate Pack system wasn't the solution - distribution didn't like to stock the packs because they were pretty high-priced items to be stocking on the shelf and with the different volumes it wasn't flexible," said Goshorn.

"For instance, if a customer wanted 183 licences, in order to fulfil that they'd have to buy a 100 pack, a 50 pack, a 25 pack and a 10 pack. And there'd still be licences left over and they'd grumble about that; "why are we buying 185 when we only want 183?"

Another benefit of the new program, Goshorn said, is the customers' ability to mix and match the products they purchase and gain a higher buy break.

"Corporate packs were separate items unto themselves. There really wasn't a value for purchasing higher quantities up to 200," said Goshorn.

"Under VLP, if the customer wants to buy 25 licences of Norton's Anti-Virus and 25 licences of pcAnywhere, if they buy both of those products they're actually in the 50-user buy break, category C, so they can get the C category buy break for both products.

"The savings are substantial because ultimately they are going from one category to the next category."

Upgrade insurance is also available with purchases which means the end user can upgrade the software during the year at a cost of 20 per cent of the original purchase.

Symantec Value Licence Program

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