Seeking accounting resellers with vision

Seeking accounting resellers with vision

European financial applications success story Navision Software is hunting for Australian developers that want to hitch a ride on its coat-tails.

The Danish company is opening its doors here as Navision Software Australasia after six months of training support centre staff and fine-tuning its Navision Financials for Australian conditions.

Navision, with 800 value-added resellers for its client/server accounting and business solutions software in 11 countries, has set up its Australian headquarters in Brisbane to take advantage of Queensland's proximity to South Pacific rim countries. Navision's strategy is to seek out local developers and business solutions providers with products and vertical market expertise.

It offers them Navision's base application and client/server development technology as a platform for updating their own offerings, or as a core package around which to add value.

The strategy appeals to "a lot of people who have good applications in the market but realise they can't go forward with their current underlying application or database", said Navision's 35-year-old founder, CEO and president Jesper Balser.

Navision's environment offers them an efficient way of moving to 32-bit, Year 2000 compliant, Windows 95 and Windows NT-compatible packages.

It's a strategy that allows Navision to expand rapidly, in keeping with Balser's belief that the market is going through a consolidation period that only the larger players will survive.

Navision's already chosen four partner companies in NSW and South Australia and will seek more business solution providers, said Navision Software Australasia director Barry Dovey.

Navision plays in roughly the same area of the accounting software market as Great Plains. It offers customisation features more associated with top-end client/server packages at prices that are closer to less-flexible, off-the-shelf offerings.

Navision Software Australasia

Tel (07) 3221 8070

Fax (07) 3221 0732

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