APT expands into RAS and desktop networking

APT expands into RAS and desktop networking

Advanced Portable Technologies (APT) has given in to greed, says Peter Maurer, with tongue-in-cheek.

According to Maurer, the co-owner and director of sales and marketing for APT, the distributor has repositioned itself - APT is now endeavouring to provide desktop networking and remote access solutions (RAS).

Maurer says APT still wants to be known as a PCMCIA card communication specialist, but it decided late last year it was an apparent waste of skills to not delve into other markets APT has come into contact with.

"We figured people were probably starting to look at end-to-end solutions as opposed to just looking at the client side," said Maurer. "All of our guys actually have networking qualifications. Since we already had those skills we figured we may as well use those and expand our product range.

"Our plan is probably to have 30 per cent of our business in the next 12 months come from non-notebook related products," said Maurer. "But we're not moving away from notebooks."

In providing support and implementation for larger corporates through APT's core business - portable technology - Maurer said technical staff have had to overcome problems with compatibility in networks, modems and RAS boxes and thus have the knowledge required for the new market direction.

"We are trying to grow in such a way that we don't expand outside our existing technical support capabilities - so when we're doing RAS it's not a drama because we've been involved with people trying to connect to Shiva and all of those kinds of things before."

Since APT decided to expand into other product areas, it has picked up several new relationships with suppliers Olicom, Digi International, Nokia and TDK.

In the desktop networking area, APT will distribute networking cards from Olicom: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, token ring and ATM cards.

For RAS, APT has already begun selling the Lanaserver, a remote access box linking remote users to LAN-based applications on networks. Also, from Digi comes a range of IO products for remote access.

Nokia is supplying APT with digital phone data cards and modems for digital phones and TDK has a "very reliable" modem, said Maurer, which has a failure rate of less than a quarter of 1 per cent and certification for use in 70 countries. "We have a number of corporate users that are using that modem because they have people who travel," he said.

APT is also about to release two other products from TDK, a 100 MM Ethernet card and a combination PSTN modem (like a normal modem but with GSM digital phone capabilities).

Maurer said APT is currently looking for security products to distribute later in the year, and is giving thought to hubs and routers as another possibility. APT is also planning to do more consultancy and support work in the future through the channel.

APT has moved to larger premises at 40 Dickson Avenue, Artarmon, 2064.

Advanced Portable Technologies:

Tel (02) 9433 8300

Fax (02) 9439 4629

Toll Free Interstate 1300 300 213

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