The home gets totally wired

The home gets totally wired

Not even the home is safe from network resellers, with one Melbourne-based manufacturer offering a structured wiring system for voice, data and video distribution specifically designed for home use.

Indeed, the Residential Cabling System (RCS) from MOD-TAP Asia-Pacific even has LAN and mini PABX options.

"It's an infrastructure system in the home that allows you to plug receiver devices such as video, cable and free-to-air TV, PCs, and fax or telephone lines, into the system which then distributes it throughout the home," said Kevin Sullivan, business development manager, MOD-TAP Australia.

"Generally speaking the system is put in while the house is being built, in the same sort of way you put in a power structured wiring system."

It is also possible to link a device such as a security camera to the system and tune it to the main TV, so that any television in the house that is plugged into an RCS outlet can receive the picture.

The RCS consists of a central control panel, Category 5 data cables and RG 6 video cables delivering a variety of services to eight wall outlets within the home or small office.

The product went into development six months ago based on an original American design but has been altered to suit the Australian and Asian markets. "We're intending to export this product right throughout South-East Asia and China as well," said Sullivan.

"There are two or three manufacturers, mainly from the United States, who have been working on similar systems. We believe that ours is the only one that's been specifically designed for the Australian market, in that it meets the requirements of the new Australian standard 3086 for domestic wiring. And many of the components used in the actual system are manufactured in Australia as well."

Sullivan said MOD-TAP's factory is in full production mode, and that the RCS is to be released during June for resale, at a cost of under $2000 for the average home (between 15 and 18sq), pricing dependent upon configuration.

The structure can be configured to suit a customer's needs and is modular so that other options can be added later, such as the LAN option for $250, allowing the user to run up to five PCs together as a local area network.

Another option on the way is a mini PABX system. "That allows you to have in-home extensions, so if Sally or John have friends at school who are forever ringing up they can actually have their own extension and the phone will only ring in their room," Sullivan said.

MOD-TAP will provide sales and technical training if required but installation of the RCS must be done by an Austel approved installer.


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