Enter Viking: new player in the drive market

Enter Viking: new player in the drive market

Quantum has launched a new range of value-based high-performance drives it believes will rival, among others, Seagate's Barracuda 9.

The Quantum Viking range currently consists of a 2.27Gb at $1215 RRP and a 4.55Gb at $1615 RRP (both with SCSI interface) and is positioned as a cost effective storage solution for higher-end applications.

"These are high-end but value drives - the price point is what is going to sell them," said Bill Harvey, a field applications engineer for Quantum.

Kerry White, product manager for Tech Pacific, said at a joint Quantum/Tech Pacific Viking launch late last month that the Viking drives signify a new market area for Quantum.

"They (Quantum) have got a big push towards getting some of the high-performance business that historically Seagate have had the larger percentage of," White said.

Sitting between Quantum's Fireball family and Atlas family, the Viking is targeted at performance PCs, entry level servers, and single-user workstations.

"It's the best value 7200rpm drive on the market, which means it's suited for higher-end applications, and it is very good pricing compared to our competitors in the same performance category," said Harvey.

"This drive has been optimised for sequential throughput, small block size transfers, so ideally the actual market it is targeted at are people who need lots of storage with very high performance at a low cost."

The "low cost" has been achieved by leveraging off past generation designs and merging newer technology (about a generation old) - MR heads and "a new engineered circuit board that uses a lot of higher-end components", said Harvey.

"Compared to the volume products we're able to use higher-performance RAM for the cache and a single and very fast microprocessor from NEC."

Harvey said additions to the Viking range are on the drawing board. "They will mechanically look very much the same but with enhancements in the heads and media. They will also push the capacities up to what the customers are asking for."

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