T Data makes first sale on Fujitsu Pentium II server

T Data makes first sale on Fujitsu Pentium II server

It was no joke on April fools' day this year when T Data signed on the dotted line to become Fujitsu's first national distributor in Australia.

The agreement, which sees T Data distributing Fujitsu's server products, has left all parties with smiles on their faces.

The appointment of T Data signals a change to Fujitsu's distribution structure, with T Data being the only distributor among some 25 resellers in Australia. The announcement effectively opens up the Fujitsu product range to all resellers.

"We knew that if we wanted to continue the growth we had to include distribution with our strategy," said Alvaro Del Pozo, NSW channel manager for Fujitsu Australia.

"We were looking for a channel that was going to add value - we couldn't afford to have a distributor that was going to purely place it as a product on a list of catalogues with a whole host of other products. We needed somebody who was going to go out and actually expand the business with us," he said.

"In that respect the collaboration with and the type of business that T Data does, by adding value to the chain and playing in a specific market segment, suited us down to the ground. And that's the primary reason we selected T Data."

The Fujitsu servers have been the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle for T Data, marketing director John Buchanan told ARN.

"We've had very credible solutions in connectivity products, in operating systems, in tape storage products and up until now we haven't had an effective server platform to deliver that whole package".

The Fujitsu name and reputation represents that effective platform, Buchanan said.

Fujitsu intends to hold reseller recruitment campaigns and will also be implementing marketing programs with T Data.

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