US Robotics appoints modem specialist

US Robotics appoints modem specialist

Finalising one of the biggest mergers ever seen in the IT industry - 3Com swallowing US Robotics - is unlikely to cause more than a ripple in the network reseller channel.

Just a day before the $US6.6 million merger was due to be wrapped up, US Robotics Australia appointed a further specialist distributor, RHP, for its modem products.

"As far as US Robotics and 3Com merging on a local basis, it won't change the core product range, and the way we both authorise resellers or distributors is based on the product range," said Paul Dundas, national sales manager, personal communications division for US Robotics in Australia.

At the time the merger was announced it was estimated there was less than 5 per cent overlap in the product ranges of both companies.

"So if 3Com and US Robotics never merged, 3Com might have a distributor that does NICs and a distributor that does hubs, for example," said Dundas.

While absorbtion of USR as a division of 3Com in Australia may have little impact on the channel, it will be a visible change, as 3Com has indicated it will drop the USR brand.

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