Quarterdeck spends big on radio ad campaign

Quarterdeck spends big on radio ad campaign

Quarterdeck has begun an advertising campaign featuring nearly 200 spots on radio stations around Australia and software freebies worth $25,000.

The total cost of the campaign will run up to nearly $60,000 and is targeted at home PC users and small businesses.

Earl White, managing director of Quarterdeck Australia, said the advertising is hoped to bring increased brand awareness among a group that is not necessarily exposed to the mainstream computer press.

It is also hoped to bring increased business to all of Quarterdeck's resellers.

"There's all sorts of promotions going on at the moment aimed at dealers in the channel which only benefits the person who wins the prize. Hopefully by spending money in this way it will result in all resellers seeing an increase in business," White said.

The 30 and 45 second advertisements promoting CleanSweep, WebCompass and Essential Utilities, will have direct tags to major resellers chosen through one of Quarterdeck's distributors, Marketing Results.

"We picked the resellers that we know have supported our product in the past and are likely to continue to support them. They are basically stores we know look after us and we are returning the favour by creating end-user traffic for them," White said. "From our point of view it is a waste of money if we put a tag on an ad that says: 'go to this store' and the reseller says 'yeah we sometimes keep that product here'."

The $25,000 worth of freebies to be given away by the radio stations are packages of CleanSweep, Essential Utilities, and WebCompass programs valued at about $330.

Quarterdeck's ads are on Sydney's 2WS, Melbourne's 101.1 TTFM and Brisbane's 4KQ. South Australia and Western Australia will follow shortly.

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