Finding the right fax solution

Finding the right fax solution

Fax software specialist RightFax has introduced the latest member of its application family, RightFax Enterprise 5.0.

The company has committed itself to a strong Microsoft Windows NT strategy, moving away from its early commitment to IBM's OS/2, although that platform will still be supported.

RightFax Enterprise includes a multi-dimensional dialling system which the company claims makes intelligent decisions about how faxes should be routed between RightFax servers across a WAN, or the Internet.

The system is designed to consider a number of issues when deciding which way to route a fax. These include the number pattern, priority, time of day, user or group restrictions and server availability.

RightFax also provides redundancy for fault detection, cascading routes to avoid expo-nential route combinations between multiple servers, and centralised management and diagnostic tools. Other features include an OCR module, and a Web client to view faxes from a remote location.

The RightFax product is being distributed in Australia by TFS. Consultant Terry Kelly said the company is currently in the process of setting up a dealer channel capable of taking on a sophisticated product.

"It's not a simple matter of getting WinFax Pro and a fax modem, and sticking it on a PC," said Kelly. "We're talking about a product here which is aimed at the mid- to high-end market. To actually put in a system and integrate it is not necessarily a menial task.

One company that has taken the challenge is Sunrise Computing in Queensland, said Kelly, but added: "We are looking for more, but we're actually looking for the right ones. We're not after the kinds of organisations that are just moving boxes and might install an NT network occasionally. We're looking for people who are willing to commit support people that can understand the product, understand how to integrate it at the customer side, and support it."


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