7Gb IDE drive

7Gb IDE drive

7Gb IDE drive

SYDNEY - Maxtor claims it has the highest capacity EIDE drive on the market with the release of its 7Gb drive in the new DiamondMax 1750 range.

Graphics professionals and CAD/CAM users are the targeted market for the new DiamondMax 1750 drives, which also come in capacity points of 1.7Gb, 3.5Gb and 5.2Gb.

The drives boast magneto-resistive heads, a DSP-based architecture, 5200 RPM and sub 10ms seek time.

Later in the year, Maxtor will be shipping the DiamondMax 1750 drives with UltraDMA, a new technology which doubles the burst transfer rate for ATA/IDE drives to 33Mb per second.

The 7Gb drive is available now at around $700 RRP.


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