Mac clone maker turns to Windows-Intel

Mac clone maker turns to Windows-Intel

Macintosh clone maker Power Computing has divulged its intent to begin selling Intel-based machines in an initial public offering (IPO) filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Power Computing plans to "broaden its product offerings" to include Wintel (Windows and Intel) based desktop and portable computing systems as well as Microsoft Windows NT-based server products.

According to the document, the company plans to offer up to three million common shares for between $US8 and $10 each, and to use the resulting $24 million to reduce outstanding bank debt, fund development, and for working capital.

Power Computing officials remained silent on the filing, but David Wallis, sales director for the local Power Computing distributor Mitsui Computer, said he welcomes the move.

"The Mac clone business will remain their core business but I think the move into Wintel-based machines is entirely logical and extremely sensible," he said.

"We look forward to continuing our already brilliant relationship with Power Computing across all of their products in the future."

Ken Lim, president of consultancy Cybermedia Group, said the decision to sell Windows/Intel does not signal a parting from the company's original intentions. Power Computing signed on to sell Macs at its founding, knowing Macs would be a unique niche market as they attempted to break into the mail-order computer business.

Growth spurt

"There's no way that they could have grown if they'd started with Wintel," he said. "They started with the Mac specifically because they knew they could grow very quickly with that for a while."

Now, however, the company is ready to expand. "Their plan was to get started with the Mac OS and become a very large computing company regardless of platform," Lim said. "I don't think it's a slap in the face for Apple."

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